What is Tor and how does it work?

Information security has become a primary concern for journalists. This article is an introduction to Tor comprising Tor network: a tool for using the internet anonymously. This article is provided for educational purposes only. So if you’ve been alive at all as a journalist or an activist for the last three years and you’ve been … Read more

I’m Not Paranoid Yet…Just Obsessed With Privacy Strategies

I seriously doubt that I’m paranoid. Of course no one will believe me now that I seem compelled to write about the so called art of privacy. How to encrypt your files, masquerade your way around the Internets -all that stuff. However I think there’s a difference between paranoia and obsession with privacy enhancing techniques. I … Read more

How To Keep Your Google Searches Private

Do you walk around constantly talking aloud to yourself? OK, what I actually meant was do you know that you are constantly walking around talking aloud to yourself. Like some people, I usually try to avoid spewing my thoughts in verbal form without running them through a bit of a filter and only letting out … Read more

How To Detect A Potential Facebook Hijacker

Account hijacking really exploded on the Internet scene lately with the release of the Firesheep extension for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. The Hijackers Toolkit Firesheep is really just a very automated way to use a technique called session hijacking that has been around for a long time. What happens is that when you connect to … Read more